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Issues with your wisdom teeth? Our wisdom tooth removal team offers free evaluations to determine whether extraction is the most beneficial course of action for you. Should extraction be the advisable route, our team is committed to delivering a safe, comfortable, and seamless experience.

When is wisdom tooth extraction the best option?

Extraction isn’t always the go-to solution for wisdom teeth issues. However, certain scenarios warrant serious consideration for removal:

  • NPartially erupted wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort and potential bacterial infections.
  • NMisaligned wisdom teeth that are difficult to clean, increasing the risk of decay.
  • NWisdom teeth that lack sufficient space to emerge, potentially causing crowding or damage to adjacent teeth.

Why choose us for wisdom teeth extractions?

Comfort-First Approach

We understand that wisdom tooth extraction can feel intimidating. To ensure your utmost comfort, we offer oral sedation, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

Same-Day Care

Have wisdom tooth pain? We’re here to help. With flexible scheduling options, we aim to provide immediate attention and alleviate your discomfort as quickly as possible.

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Join our membership plan and get 10% off major procedures like wisdom tooth extraction. Plus, no paperwork, claims, or long waiting periods.


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I am so pleased to have found Dr. Moore. He and his staff are fantastic, and my hygienist was gentle and thorough. Very thankful to have such excellent dental care a mile from home.

— F.M.

Dr. Moore and his caring staff are the best! I truly appreciate the time Dr. Moore takes to explain things. It is always a pleasant and welcoming experience from start to finish at Moore Dentistry!

— Kris A.

I broke my lower front incisor tooth today and Moore Dentistry worked me in immediately. Dr. Moore did a spectacular job of repairing the tooth! Looks as good as new!

— Mitchell H.

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Your free consultation — what to expect

This initial visit allows us to assess your specific situation and determine whether or not extraction is necessary. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to feel confident about your next steps.

Answers to your questions about wisdom teeth

What are wisdom teeth and why are they often removed?

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars at the back of your mouth. They often need to be removed due to lack of space, leading to pain, infection, or other complications.

When should I get my wisdom teeth examined?

We recommend a wisdom teeth assessment in your late teens to early twenties, but evaluations can be made at any age if symptoms arise.

What does the extraction procedure involve?

The procedure typically includes an initial consultation, x-rays, and the surgical extraction itself. We offer IV sedation to ensure a comfortable and stress-free experience.

How long is the recovery time?

Recovery time varies but usually involves a few days of rest and limited activity. You’ll receive personalized post-operative instructions to facilitate a smooth recovery.

Are there alternatives to extraction?

In some cases, wisdom teeth may not need to be removed if they are healthy, fully erupted, and properly aligned.

What are the risks of not removing problematic wisdom teeth?

Risks may include infection, cysts, and damage to adjacent teeth. It could also lead to more complicated and painful procedures later on.

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