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Have you been looking for an Alpharetta cosmetic dentistry? Moore Dentistry will keep you smiling with healthy, functional, and beautiful teeth. With state-of-the-art technology and our friendly clinical staff, we provide comprehensive oral healthcare in a comfortable, relaxing environment. From hygiene services to cosmetic procedures, you can trust us to keep your smile looking its best in Alpharetta, Georgia!

Cosmetic dentistry focuses on enhancing the visual appeal of your smile. This type of dentistry uses various techniques and procedures to improve the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, including whitening, veneers, crowns, bonding, and more. The goal is to give patients an improved overall look to boost self-confidence and make them proud to show off their new smile.

Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

There are many benefits associated with cosmetic dentistry that goes beyond aesthetics. Many people who receive cosmetic dental work also experience improved oral health due to reinforcing existing teeth or replacing missing ones. Additionally, having an attractive smile can open up career opportunities and increase self-esteem when interacting with others in social situations.

At Moore Dentistry, we understand that everyone’s needs are different, and our team works hard to ensure that each patient receives personalized care tailored to their specific circumstances. We will discuss your goals so that together we can devise a plan for achieving a beautiful, confident smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments To Make You Smile

Are you looking to improve the appearance of your teeth? Cosmetic dentistry is the solution you need. Let’s look at four popular treatments we offer and how they can help you achieve a fantastic smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are an effective and long-lasting solution to dental damage or discoloration. Whether you’re looking to restore chipped or broken teeth or brighten stained enamel, veneers are a great choice. They’re made of a thin porcelain shell that can be bonded directly to the surface of a tooth, protecting you while also giving you a confident smile. Just think: no more worrying about flashing your teeth in photos! Veneers are designed to look and feel like your teeth, so you’ll still be able to bite, chew and talk comfortably. You can enjoy your beautiful smile with proper care and maintenance for many years.

Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a great way to improve your smile! It’s an incredibly versatile procedure that can reshape and restore teeth in just one appointment. Bonding can make it much easier to maintain proper hygiene and improve overall oral health. It can help remove deep stubborn stains, fix chipped or cracked teeth, close gaps between the front teeth, repair unnatural shapes or sizes of a tooth, and even cover discolored fillings. All this with virtually no pain and minimal discomfort – so why not give it a try?

Teeth Whitening

Our Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatment is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, and with good reason. It’s a simple, fast, and effective way to brighten and whiten teeth, removing stubborn stains from years of coffee and tea drinking. Our Alpharetta cosmetic dentistry team can return your teeth to their naturally white color with these professional-grade products and specialized techniques.

Gum Contouring

Gum contouring, also known as gum reshaping or crown lengthening, is a procedure used to improve the shape and proportion of your gums. Gum contouring can benefit people with a “gummy” smile or where the gum line is uneven. By removing excess gum tissue, the appearance of your smile can be dramatically improved.

Alpharetta Cosmetic Dentistry

At Moore Dentistry, we believe in giving our patients the best possible care to improve their smiles through cosmetic dentistry services. We understand how important a great smile is and strive to provide quality service while helping each patient achieve their desired results in a timely manner.

Please book an appointment with Moore Dentistry today so we can get started on helping you achieve the perfect smile! Dr. Joseph Moore and his team look forward to helping you bring out that confident and healthy smile!